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Sunday, September 15, 2013

August team's visit to Rio Chiquito school

 The school is two concrete, one-story buildings that face each other over a concrete walkway with the “little river” running beneath it. To enter we had to be let in through a solid metal gate that is kept locked from the inside. Each building is divided into 3-4 tiny classrooms, all open to the outside. (None of the buildings here - except the team house - have glass in the windows; there are just openings cut into the concrete.) One class was meeting outside under an overhang. The principal gathered all the kids (45 or so) into a single classroom – the kids carried chairs, some with desks attached, from the other building to have enough seats. Taylor did an amazing job teaching a bible lesson on Matthew 19:14 in Spanish. She was very natural, and the kids were paying close attention to her words.

Then we all helped small groups of kids with the craft: cutting a large circle into two paper plates and gluing a piece of cellophane in between, which the kids then colored with markers to hang as sun catchers. The kids really enjoyed the activity and were proudly showing us their creations.

Then it was play time! We brought jump ropes and sidewalk chalk, and the kids were quick to grab them and play with all of us. The whole team took turns jumping rope with kids, drawing with them, and playing. Ben entertained a handful of kids with rhythm games, singing, and rapid-fire hand gestures. Several were imitating him and he was teaching them his tricks. 

While we were playing, Tommy was high up, balanced on a narrow beam, attaching a metal roof to the play structure Tim built for the kids. It is worth noting that a mob of kids was rocking this structure while Tommy was balanced on top, drill in hand. We had a fantastic time, ending with hundreds of hugs from all the kids.

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